Code of Ethics

Ansar Arabic College Valavannur follows the following policy in imparting value-based education and moulding young minds into responsible citizens. Since we believe more in practice rather than preaching, it is the teachers who follow the policy of ethics, first and foremost:
• The faculty must treat all students on a par, without discrimination and favouritism
• The faculty must treat the students with sufficient care and affection and cater to their academic needs to the fullest extent
• The faculty must always have a positive attitude, motivate the students and must have a genuine concern for them
• In evaluating the students for internal assessment, the teachers should be fair enough and consider the merit of the assignments and answer scripts alone as the criterion
• The teachers must respect the rights and dignity of the students as individuals
• No student must be discriminated in any instance on the basis of gender, religion, caste or class
• The teachers must identify the potentialities and aptitudes of the students and guide them to a better future
• The faculty must take it their mission to impart the essential human values to the student community
• The students must respect the teachers and follow their guidance in academic matters
• The students must comply with the rules and regulations of the institution and behave in an amiable and responsible manner
• The students must inculcate an attitude of tolerance to anything that they do not find agreeable to their beliefs and tastes
• In the classrooms and examination halls the students must follow a policy of perfect integrity
• In a multicultural scenario like the campus, differences are to be sorted out amicably and it must be born in mind that the identity, aspirations and beliefs of all individuals are as important as one’s own
• The students must not discriminate any student or faculty on the basis of gender, religion, caste or class