The college has established an internal quality assurance cell as per the regulations of the UGC. The aim of IQAC is to implement necessary plans and policies for attaining excellence in the academic performance of the college. It develops quality benchmark for various academic and administrative activities of the college.


ChairmanCo-ordinatorAssistant co-ordinator
Prof. Ashraf. C (Principal)Shibla Nargees KProf . Abdurabb M
Management-RepresentativeMembersNAAC Coodinator
M Ahammed SayeedDr Abdul Majeed A I
(Hod, PG & Research Department of Arabic)
Dr. Abdul Majeed A.I
Alumni representativeAfsal Abdul Khader(Hod department of commerce)Administrative staff representative
T P Abdul KareemDr Shanavas CMAbdul Latheef M T
Mohammed Rafeek P
Fouzam Ahammed M
(Senior Clerk)


  • Formulating necessary policies for the development of the college
  • Enhance the teaching learning process through ICT
  • Develop internal Measures for quality check
  • Maintain a feedback mechanism for fulfilling the stakeholders expectations
  • Improve student support services
  • Maintain a network and relationship with other institution
  • Create an awareness and quality consciousness amongst all stakeholders
  • Maintain curriculum enrichment programmes
  • Take necessary improvement measures