PG Programmes

MA Post Afzal Ul Ulama in Arabic



1. To equip the student with the requirements of modern times.
2. This programme is a well thought out amalgam of classical and modern elements of the Arabic Language and Literature.
3. This course has been given to introduce methods that help the students keep pace with the ever changing trends in the world of Language and Literature.
4. The students will be taught different aspects of Arabic as a living language in the world with its geopolitical significances.
5. The practical aspects of the Arabic Language as translation (both theory and practice), simultaneous interpretation, modern terminology and applied grammar are given due importance in the syllabi.
6. As for literature, its modern branches i.e. Novel, Short Story, Drama, Poetry and Modern Essays have been given adequate representation.


• To make the student aware of the significance of Classical poetry and poets in Arabic
•  To understand the general principles of literary criticism
• To give theoretical and practical experience in advanced composition structure
• To find out the similarities and differences between Arab and Western literature
• To introduce the trend and nature of Modern Arabic Literature
• To make the student capable to evaluate and criticise a literary work.
• To train the students for translation/interpretation through practical sessions using audio-visual aids.