UG Programmes



(communication skills in English,critical reasoning writing and presentation in Arabic,reading literature in English,Indian constitution secularism and sustainable environment, literature and contemporary issues,history and philosophy of science,communication skills in Arabic,translation and communication,literature in Arabic,culture and civilization)


((classical literature-1,drama and short story,classical literature-2, Hadith literature Thafseer literature,science of prophet’s tradition,philosophical thoughts and ilmukalam, women writings in Arabic)


(studies in grammar,applied grammar and linguistics, methodology of language teaching (Arabic), history of Arabic literature, Indian writings in Arabic , media Arabic, rhetoric and prosody, literary criticism, commercial Arabic, human rights in Arab culture, modern prose and novel, modern poetry, a survey of Arab history, fiqh studies, Arabic for tour and travel (elective), project


information technology and informatics,modern Arab world,cultural relation of India with Arab world



B.COM is an undergraduate degree in commerce and related subjects. The course is designed to provide students with a wide range of management skills and understanding in streams like finance, accounting, taxation and management. It is a three year course offered by the college to the students who possess a plus two in commerce and other streams. prepares a student for a career in accounting, banking, financial management, cost accountant etc.


Students selected with Islamic finance learn not only subject of commerce bt the theories and practices of Islamic finance. This special course helps the students to learn how the business practices of traditional nature is differentiated with interest free system of banking and business. This course will enable students to acquire knowledge in the core principles and basic models of Islamic banking and commerce, also to establish a framework for understanding this financial system. From this course students will learn the differences between the Islamic financial system and the conventional system. After the completion of the course students can join, MBA in various specialisations, CA, ICWA, CMA, MSW,CS, CFA,CPA.


1. To build a strong foundation of knowledge in different areas of Commerce
2. To develop the skill of applying concepts and techniques used in Commerce
3. To develop an attitude for working effectively and efficiently in a business environment
4. To integrate knowledge, skill and attitude that will sustain an environment of learning and creativity among the students
5. To expose students about entrepreneurship
6. To enable a student to be capable of making decisions at personal and professional level
7. To have an understanding of determination of Total Income and tax payable