The department is formally engaged to foster a holistic attitude among the pupils to connect the quintessence of language and literature. It offers three languages: Malayalam, Urdu and Arabic respectively. The department acknowledges to provide training in a variety of cognitive and non cognitive skills include listening, speaking, reading and writing. The three languages are offered as the second language (language other than English language) in all the undergraduate programs. It focuses to increase student’s knowledge in a particular language, to nurture the cultural sensitivity and a sound command over language competency.


To instill human qualities and develop language articulation, and to enhance linguistic identity by teaching languages, literature, and culture among students.


Perceiving the multi cultural identity of the citizens of the country.


Enhancing most advanced language acquisition learning system among the growing generation.

English as a Common Course

University of Calicut imparted English as a common course for the under graduate programs. It’s designed as compulsory paper for all UG courses from first semester to fourth semester. The course focuses to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills along with social and cultural development. It also designed to introduce learners representative English prose from different cultural and geographical backgrounds. Besides, the course inculcate learners to introduce issue in the contemporary society and to empower the spirit of social life ,values and rights.

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