All departments have Grievances Redressal Cell led by the Head of the Department. Student complaints are addressed to the Head of the Department who then passes it on to the Staff Council. Serious issues are discussed in the Staff Council and staff meeting and the rest are sorted out in an informal manner. There is a College level Grievance Redressal Cell headed by the Principal, Senior Staff members and Student representative as the members. Serious issues will be discussed by the cell and solve the grievances of the students. Student feedback about teachers and teaching is collected regularly to make the quality improvement. Since the UG and PG courses are semesterized, Continuous Assessment (CA) has been made compulsory. Any complaints on the granting of credits under CA are also dealt with the Department level Grievance Redressal Cell.

There is also a Grievance Redressal mechanism for the Employees of the college. The Principal is the Appellate authority of the institution and all employee grievances received by the Principal are placed before the College Council which decides upon the issue based on facts. The minutes of the College Council are an authentic record of all such Grievance Redressal.


Coordinator:   Prof. Ibrahim Thorakkal  (Ph: 9446154810)