Department was upgraded and recognized as a research Centre of Arabic by  the University of Calicut in May 2019 through the University Order No (U.O.No. 13882/2019/Admn). Dr. Abdul Majeed A.I and Dr. Mohamed Rafi C Cheriyedath are the research guides under the department.  Four research scholars are pursuing PhD in the department.


Chairman :Mr. Ashraf C (Principal)

Director : Ibrahim Thorakkal

Members :

1. Abdurrabb.M
2. Dr.AbulMajeed AI
3. Dr Shanavas CM
4. Dr.Mohamed Rafi C


Chairman: Mr. Ashraf C (Principal)

Director: Dr. Shanavas CM


1. Ibrahim Thorakkal
2. Abdurrabb.M
3. Abdul Majeed AI
4. Dr Mohamed Rafi C


Chairman: Mr. Ashraf C (Principal)

Director: Dr. Abdul Majeed AI


1).Ibrahim Thorkkal


3.Dr Shanavas CM

4). Dr. Mohamed Rafi C

6) University member

7) Subject Expert

Research Guides

Dr. Abdul Majeed A.I

Dr. Mohammed Rafi C Cheriyedath


Research Scholars

Details of Research Scholar under Dr.  Abdul Majeed A.I

S L No Name of the scholar Year of registration of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholar
1 SIRAJUDHEEN K 2019 Contributions of Cheriymundam Abdul Hameed Madany to the development of Arabic Translations in Kerala
2 NOUFAL PK 2019 Social prespectives of thed novels of Wajid Al-Ahdal : An analytical study
3 MOHAMMED FAYYAS CHOLAKKAL 2019 Literary features in the travelogues of Shikh Muhamed bin Nasir Al Aboodi on India – An Analytical Study
4 MUHSINA PV 2019 Contributions of Mohammad Amani Moulavi in the translation of classical arabic literature – An analytical study on the basis of sementic science